The Factions

Discover the Intriguing World of Factions and Their Battle for Control in this Dystopian Novel

Explore the complex relationships and alliances between the factions, and delve into the mysteries of their algorithms that dictate friend and foe. Enter a world of political intrigue and conflict, where the only certainty is the uncertainty of war.



The free faction is the faction of the storyteller. The free faction consists of an unorganized collection of people who do not want to commit to any of the declared factions. Its members want to stay outside the systems and structures imposed on the declared factioneers. They try to self-organize and self-manage, which they are able to do with some degree of success in Bali. Subsequently, Bali becomes an important meeting and trading place across all factions, as it offers neutral ground in the midst of war.


The Freedom Fighters

The Freedom Fighters have their stronghold in Europe, where they congregate along the Atlantic Coast of the formerly known UK, including Ireland and the British Isles. The Freedom Fighters are building a society that resembles the old European liberal society.


Prosperity controls the northeastern part of mainland UK and the coastline in Continental Europe along the British Channel. Prosperity becomes an important ally to the Freedom Fighters, when the latter wants to set up a tax collecting operation from ships passing through the British Channel. Prosperity captures many of the social democratic ideas and notions of pre-war Central and Northern Europe combined with an undercurrent of socialist ideas. Prosperity is particularly keen on systems and structures.


The Liberators

The Liberators and the Patriots have spilt between them what is formerly known as North America. The Liberators primarily center on the Midwest and Southern US. They have emerged out of the Republican Party and largely follow those ideas. The Liberators try to take over terrain that is lost by the Patriots when the Patriots’ satellite is destroyed.

The Patriots

The Patriots reign along both coastlines of what is formerly known as North America. The Patriots are more closely aligned with Democratic Party lines and ideas. At some point in time, the Patriots have their satellite shot down and their factioneers become “homeless”.

Learn about the characters

Meet the colorful cast of characters who will take you on a thrilling journey of adventure, love, and political intrigue.

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