Going Places

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Don’t miss out on this gripping tale of survival and humanity in the face of devastation. Get your copy of “Going Places, Somewhere and Nowhere” today and experience the thrilling journey for yourself. Buy now and join the ranks of readers who can’t put this book down!


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Going Places is a fast-paced read, a futurist adventure that takes us from the UK to Latin America and onwards to the US border and Asia. It tells a compelling story about a middle-aged woman and her twin daughters who find themselves struggling to survive against the backdrop of a third world war. 

Interview with the largest industry magazine in Denmark

Luise discusses why she is writing in English, how living 15 years abroad has impacted her writing, and how she views the future. These themes are addressed against the backdrop of her book.

Embark on a riveting journey through a world ravaged by a third world war in “Going Places, Somewhere and Nowhere.”

The war that rages in cyberspace has spilled over into the real world, forming divisive factions that are in violent conflict with each other. Amid this chaos, a mother and her teenage twin daughters travel across the world in search of a safe haven. But they must fight against corrupt algorithms and online communities that seek to control minds through biased information.

As they traverse from Europe to South America, North America, and Asia, the women encounter challenges that force them to make tough choices. The book’s cinematic, adventurous quality paints a vivid image of a world emerging from war, resembling early hunter-gatherer societies. But even amidst the destruction, some factions slowly evolve into more systemic and structured societies aided by technology.

Through memories and people from her life pre-dating the war, the narrator’s character is fleshed out and her journey becomes more poignant. “Going Places, Somewhere and Nowhere” is a character-driven fiction that showcases the resilience of good people in the face of catastrophic events.

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“…goes from northern Europe down through Germany and across the North Sea to Scotland and Oban. From there, it continues down through what was formerly known as the UK and onwards to the Isle of Wight.”


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