Luise Noring is a Danish citizen who has spent more than fifteen years living in different countries across the world, broadening her understanding of people, cultures and languages. When asked why she has spent so many years living and traveling abroad, Noring answers, “Curiosity.” In fact, curiosity best captures her pursuit of knowledge that has guided her entire life.

In her previous careers, Noring was an academic scholar of city finance and governance supported by a Ph.D. in supply chain management. She ran her own international consultancy company counting numerous cities as clients. The book draws on in-depth research knowledge and practical experience with the people, countries, and cultures of the world. Through travel and career, Noring has gained an intimate knowledge of cities — their layers, their secrets, their propensity for human suffering.


Thank you to my sister Martine Noring for providing the vivid and illuminous illustrations. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Thank you to my cousin, Julie Humphreys, for her tireless support and encouragement.

The Sequel

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